Note: Just forgive me for making some wrong in this post. Because I’m not good at English very much ^^

Viet Nam, February 6th, 2014

Dear Jong Up oppa,

Oppa, today I can say to everybody that I’m the happiest girl in the whole world, because I met you. Thank you for being born. And thank you for coming to my life.

When you made your debut with B.A.P at January 26th 2012, that’s the time I first saw you guys (apart from BangZelo). At first, I thought you all were strange and crazy with the blonde hair and your music (I hated hip-hop). I were even an anti-fan of you 🙂

But after I watched No Mercy MV on an website, I were addicted B.A.P. Then I watched Power, and then watched Warrior, I also watched Never Give Up again, I officially fell in love with you guys. Especially, I fell in love with Dae Hyun oppa and you, Jong Up oppa. But I love you more than him a little 😀 And I realized that I didn’t hate hip-hop anymore. Also I loved my life and the people around me more. Your music made me change, and your lyric made my mind grow up.

I’ve been with B.A.P for 2 years but I didn’t realize it. All I do everyday is studying, coming home, listening to your music, following your twitter, and loving your photos. Until today, it’s February 6th 2014, and I know it’s 2 years, I’ve tweeted you my mention twice in this day. I know #ItsMjupDay!

16 hours ago, you shared a tweet from @TS_Enter. You sent your message to B.A.B.Y. But I’m not a B.A.B.Y, can I receive it? I think I can 🙂

I wish I would have been there, in the audience seats to see you guys. And if I’m lucky, I can have your roses. But now I can’t make my dream real. You’ll wait for me until I graduate, I have a job, I earn enough money to buy a ticket of B.A.P’s concert, won’t you? I’m 15 years old, and you needn’t wait for ages. Oppa, can you?

In your message, you wrote “BABYs, have you received my surprised gift? Thank you for always supporting me. I’ll do my best to show B.A.P Jongup’s good aspects. Fighting!”. Oppa, just be yourself and work hard. OK? And remember to stay strong. If you’re ill, B.A.B.Y will be worried.

I don’t know if I’ve made some grammar mistakes, but I know that I love you so much.

Happy birthday oppa ^^

I wish you a very very happy birthday ❤

You’re my angel.

Loads of Love

Rainy Nguyễn (@HanYiLovely)

p.s Can B.A.P have a concert in Viet Nam? Please come to Viet Nam one day 🙂


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