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[K] Team Red Daily Lives

[K+] Worry

[K+] Safe and Sound

[K+] Long Time No See

[K+] Lonely ( 1 | 2 )

[K] Miss You

[K] First Met

[K+] Valentine

[K] Sick

[K+] A Shilvery Winter Day

[K+] The First Meeting

[K+] Secret Love?

[K+] Vs Morlun

[K] The Old Photograph

[K+] What’s your name?

[K] What if…?

[T] Spideypool in Deadpool kills Deadpool

[K+] Uncanny Avengers

[K+] Deadpool meets SPIDEY

[T] Theme song

[K+] MU meets Marvel Stum Stum

[K+] Vs Spiderman’s villains

[K+] Venompool

[K+] Marvel Heroes 2015 1 | 2

[K+] Spider-man/Deadpool

[K+] Spider-man’s new costume


[B] Parksborn’s another take of 1st met comic

[K] Parksborn Childhood: Hair Dryer

[B] Water In A Desert

[B] How young Peter Parker and young Harry Osborn met?


[Stark’s family][K] What Jarvis left behind

[Avengers][B] It’s S.H.I.E.L.D mission on X-mas day

[Avengers][Stucky][K] The Avengers and The Winter Soldier ( 1 | 2-5 | 6-11 )

[JarTon/Cybershusband][R-18] Sweet Leaf

[Stucky][K] 21st Century Aventure Time With Bucky & Cap

[ThorKi][K] ThorKi’s Collection

[Stony][T] Stony’s Collection ( 1 | 2 )

[Stony][K] Civil Cats&Dogs War

[Antman][K] How Scott deal with his crush

[Stony][K] One more donut, please!!!

[Stony][B] How to solve Civil War in Corgi way

DC Comic


[K] Bruce found a baby bat… or did he?

[SuperBat][K] Father’s Date

[K] When Dick Grayson becomes Batman

[K] Papa or Dragon?

[K] I’m Batman


[Katekyo Hitman Reborn][D18][K] Bedwetting

[Kuroko no Basket][KagaAka][R18] Half-asleep

[Naruto Shippuden][ShikaTema][K] Parents’ happiness is children’s happiness

[KnB][KiseKasa][T] Mornings

[KnB][KiseKasa][K+] Second year of high school and first year of university